As Microsoft Registered Refurbishers, we provide a cost-effective and safe solution for PC disposal.

When you upgrade your technology systems, how do you dispose of the surplus PCs that are no longer needed by your organization? They might not be of use to you, but they can still hold value for others.

Because used PCs often contain sensitive corporate data, you may be uncomfortable when decommissioning them. Yet throwing away reusable PCs contributes to waste and prevents them from being used by new owners. A way to solve these issues is to contact us.

We will properly decommission your PCs by following stringent industry standard data-wiping protocols.Then we will refurbish the PCs so instead of ending up in a landfill, these viable PCs will be supplied to businesses, schools, nonprofits, government programs, and other eligible customers that need access to the benefits of technology that they cannot currently afford.

Microsoft Register Refurbishers provide you with benefits.

Working with us can help you:

Protect corporate data.

Disposing of PCs through a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher helps to protect your valuable business data. Because we are required to meet industry standards for data-wiping you can feel safer knowing that your data has been removed.

Demonstrate environmental leadership by decreasing e-waste.

You are helping to advocate reuse and decrease waste by keeping your old, but usable, PCs out of landfills, reducing waste and environmental impact.

Provide PCs to organizations and communities in need around the world.

You are helping to supply PCs that will be refurbished and provided to businesses, schools, nonprofits, and other eligible customers who cannot afford new computers.